Southport Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing in Southport

ICON Metal Roofing has an extensive array of serving our loyal and potential clients in any commercial or industrial industry. We have gathered an outstanding reputation based on exceptional quotes, efficient projects & consistent high-quality workmanship. If you would like to learn more about what ICON can do for you please reach out to one of our trustworthy roofing specialists, who will be more than happy to advise you with any questions or concerns that arise.

Our workforce at Icon Asbestos is composed of extensively experienced professionals who always finish jobs both efficiently and meticulously. They only utilise the best tools for their specific industry which we regularly maintain to guarantee that it’s operating up to par. If you’re looking for metal roofing in Southport, look no further than Icon Asbestos Removal is the foremost provider of this service in the area with unmatched experience.

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality workmanship to our clients. ICON Metal Roofing offers the best quality metal roofing products, customer service, and prices in Queensland. We have a proven track record of success with our residential, commercial, insurance, and body corporate clients.

Our company’s success comes from our team giving accurate quotes, completing projects efficiently, and turning your roofing dream into a reality-all while making sure that your interactions with us are always stress-free and professional.

The maintenance of a great reputation in the roofing industry, characterised by quality work and customer service, is something we take pride in. This standard continues to be set with every job regardless of size which solidifies our title as go-to metal roofing specialists!

At Icon, we pride ourselves on our commitment to Workplace Health and Safety. We believe that ongoing training for our workers is essential to protecting them and our clients. When you choose us for your metal roofing needs, you can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart!

Commercial Metal Roofing

No matter what type of commercial roofing you need, we have you covered. We specialise in all types of roofing, from flat roofs to metal roofs and everything in between. We have experience with all kinds of materials and can help you choose the best option for your needs. Call us today for a free consultation!


ICON Metal Roofing offers top-notch roofing installation, repairs and other services for residential properties throughout Queensland.

Colorbond Steel is a versatile, durable and good-looking option that’s affordable for most homeowners. If you’re looking for a roof that will last for decades and enhance the look of your home, Colorbond is an excellent choice.

As experienced roofing contractors, we can help you choose the right roofing material for your home and budget. We also offer a variety of financing options to make your project more affordable. Call us today to


These reasons explain why many homeowners choose to switch from traditional roofing tiles to Colorbond roofing:

  • With a lighter weight, this product puts less stress on your home’s structure.
  • Much more affordable to install
  • Cheaper and quicker to repair
  • Helps you avoid debris and structural failure in unsafe weather conditions.
  • Your roof will be in great condition for many years with our top-of-the-line materials that can withstand rain, erosion, and the harsh Australian sun.
  • We offer an extensive selection of colours and styles to choose from.

When you invest in a new roof made from high-quality Australian steel, you won’t regret the decision to switch from your current roof.

In Brisbane, we are the only stop you need for roof replacements. We specialise in replacing roofs with metal ones that are both dependable and good-looking. When it comes to replacement, our residential roofing team knows exactly what they’re doing. They have extensive experience removing old roofing tiles, decramastic tiles (i.e., decrabond tiles), asbestos, and iron roofs—anything that’s standing between your home and a state-of-the-art BlueScope Steel Colorbond or Zincalume product.

Asbestos Removal in Southport

Asbestos removal can be a dangerous and complicated process, which is why you should always use a licensed asbestos removal company like ICON. We are experienced in asbestos removal and can handle any size job, from small projects to large-scale ones. We will work with you to develop a safety plan that meets your specific needs and requirements.

If you’re looking for quality asbestos removal in Southport, then look no further than ICON Asbestos Removal. We hold an ‘A Class’ Asbestos Removal licence issued by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, so you know we’re qualified to do the job right.

Asbestos is a material that was once widely used in a variety of building construction materials due to its fire-resistant properties. However, asbestos is now known to be a health hazard, and its use is no longer permitted in new construction. If you have an asbestos-containing structure that needs to be removed, it’s important to hire a qualified asbestos removal company like ICON Asbestos Removal to handle the job.

Some of the asbestos removal services we offer include:

Residential Asbestos Removal

Hazardous materials like asbestos should only ever be removed by certified professionals. If you have any asbestos in your home, calling a company with the experience and expertise to handle such removal is essential for both your safety and the stability of your home. ICON Asbestos Removal has proudly served countless homes through effective and efficient asbestos removal services that limit the disruption to daily life.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal is a delicate process that should only be entrusted to experienced professionals. At ICON Asbestos Removal, we have removed asbestos from countless commercial buildings safely and quickly. We understand that any disruption to your business needs to be minimised, so we work efficiently and effectively to remove the asbestos with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Industrial Asbestos Removal

If you have asbestos in your industrial building, it’s important to have it removed by a company that has the experience and expertise to do the job safely. At ICON Asbestos Removal, we have years of experience removing asbestos from industrial buildings, and we will work quickly and efficiently to remove the asbestos while minimising any disruption to your business.

When it comes to asbestos removal, you can’t take any chances. Hire the experts at ICON Asbestos Removal to get the job done right. Give us a call today!

Asbestos Roof Replacement in Southport

ICON Asbestos Removal can quickly and safely replace your asbestos roof with a metal or colorbond roof. With our many years of experience, we will work quickly and efficiently to minimise the disruption to your business.

ICON Asbestos Removal is happy to provide you with a free quote if you need asbestos removal services in Southport. We are confident that we can safely and effectively remove any asbestos-containing structures. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

With Us, You’re Always in Good Hands!

As a licenced and experienced asbestos removal company in Southport, you can be confident that we will take care of your property safely and efficiently. We are regularly audited by an independent body to ensure that we meet the strict requirements set forth by Workplace Health and Safety in Southport, Queensland. This includes having adequate public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. From start to finish, we will handle the entire asbestos removal process so that you can relax knowing everything is taken care of.