Living in Brisbane, you get the extremes of the weather – hot and humid in summer, cool and dry in winter. If you have an older home and your insulation is having trouble keeping an even temperature inside your home, installing Colorbond on your Brisbane home may be a good option.

There are plenty of reasons homeowners look to install Colorbond, and cutting down on heating and cooling costs is just one of many. Let’s take a look at some of the other popular reasons for installing Colorbond in Brisbane.

5 Reasons to Install Colorbond in Brisbane

1. A range of colour options – the Colorbond range has a huge choice of colours, giving you the opportunity to mix and match your roofing colour with the colour of your home and your environment. From greens and blues through to reds and browns, it may be hard to choose which option to go for.

2. Colorbond is a low maintenance roofing material. It doesn’t need to be painted as often as other roofing materials, and is easy to clean.

3. Colorbond is durable and lightweight – perfect for Brisbane living. It can hold up to harsh weather conditions including hail, storms, wind and heat, helping to protect your home and your family.

4. Colorbond roofing in Brisbane is affordable, and it’s for this reason many home owners choose Colorbond over tiles or other roofing materials. Not only is it cheaper initially, but it is also cheaper to maintain over time.

5. Have you got a modern home with little or no pitch? Because Colorbond is a steel roof, it is perfect for use on modern homes, as water will still run off, unlike other roofing materials where it may just sit there eventually destroying your roof.

If you need to remove your old roof, choosing a Colorbond roof in Brisbane will give your home a new lease on life, and cut down on your maintenance costs in years to come.