Your Brisbane home needs a new roof and you’ve decided to go with Colorbond; and why not? There are plenty of benefits to having a Colorbond roof in Brisbane. But now, you have to decide which colour to choose… and that’s where it gets difficult! With so many great colours to choose from, how do you decide?

Building Requirements

First things first – is your home subject to any building requirements from your local council? There are quite a few heritage listed homes in and around Brisbane, and you may find that you may be restricted to the colour that you can use. Make sure you check with the local council before you get set on a colour.

Home Style

The style of your home won’t so much dictate to you what colour is best, but it will certainly give you some suggestions. The two main categories within the Colorbond range are contemporary and classic. Your older style home may lend itself more towards a Cottage Green or a Deep Ocean, while your newer style home may look great with a Wallaby or an Ironstone.


If you are struggling to choose a colour, why not drawn from your surrounding environment? Live on the river or towards the coast? The range of blues, greens and sandy colours are a perfect fit. If you live in the inner city areas, you may find the reds, blues and browns suit. Live more towards the west or in amongst parklands? The more natural browns, blacks and greys may be your perfect fit.

Some people prefer to see what their house will look like with a certain colour – and we don’t blame you; choosing a roof colour is a hard decision. Colorbond have a great online visualiser tool that you can take some time to play around with to see what suits.

Subtle or bold, light or dark, there is a Colorbond roof colour to suit your Brisbane home. Speak to the Icon Asbestos team about removing your old asbestos roof and installing a new Colorbond roof.