The roof is an integral part of the building that protects it from severities of climate and increases its value. People around the world are using different kinds of materials for roofing. But the experts recommend using metal roofing because of its varied benefits. Colorbond is one of those metals that is common as a roofing material because of high solar reflectance.

Let’s take a look at some of the different features of Colorbond roofing that make it the smart roofing option for Australians.

Colorbond Is Tested In Australian Conditions

Australian homes have to face challenging weather conditions during the extremes of heat or cold, rain, dust, wind, and hail. Colorbond steel becomes the smart choice due to passing many outdoor and accelerated laboratory tests. The experts also test it against corrosion along with durability, application, and exposure testing. Colorbond proves itself a cool roofing option because it performed well on real homes at different locations from moderate to severe marine environments and tropical to industrial zones.

Five Protective Layers

Five protective layers in Colorbond make it the premium choice for Australians. Colorbond manufacturing in Australia fulfils the Australian standards and passes through various testing phases before being used as an outdoor material. The five protective layers include the steel, metallic coating, pre-treatment layer, primer, and topcoat. Different grade paints and anti-corrosive materials increase their life and make it the primary choice of building contractors.

Thermal Efficiency and Sustainability

We prefer using Colorbond roofing material because it is recyclable and saves you a lot of money on energy and resources. It also keeps your cooling bill low because of highly reflective light colours. Almost all the colour options feature ‘Thermatech’-a solar reflective technology that decreases your dependence on air conditioning. It reflects most of the sun rays hitting your roof in the scorching summers.

Provides Maximum Fire Protection

Many Australian areas are bushfire prone, and Colorbond is always the top choice of people living in that area due to the fire protection elements of the metal. Steel is non-combustible and performs well in high temperature exposure conditions. The various colour coatings, pre-treatment layer, metallic coated sheets make it durable for the roofs. Moreover, Colorbond metal has passed 30 minutes flame immersion test, making it fire resistant.

Easy maintenance

Colorbond roofing is the top Australian choice because of its easy maintenance. You can easily wash it with just clean water, and regular washing not only increases its life but maintains its brightness and attractiveness. Here, it is important to mention that piling up debris in the Colorbond may decrease its life and cause corrosion at some stage. Therefore, regular cleaning and washing are necessary to prolong its life.

Are you considering a new roof for your Brisbane home? Consider Colorbond.