Have you been sitting there looking at your roof and wondering what the smart roofing choices for Brisbane homes are? Whether you are needing to replace an asbestos roof or simply looking to replace your old tiled roof, a Colorbond roof is the smart roofing choice in Brisbane.

Colorbond has been used in homes in Australia for years now, and has been developed to provide life-long performance; it certainly isn’t a roof you will need to be replacing anytime soon. One of the biggest draw cards to using Colorbond is the 22 colour options you have to choose from which means you can find the perfect colour to fit with your home.

Why Colorbond is the Smart Roofing Choice in Brisbane

Colorbond is also the smart roofing choice in Brisbane due to the ability to withstand weather conditions in South East Queensland. Colorbond is tested for corrosion, durability, application (ability to be used in a range of building applications) and outdoor exposure.

What many don’t realise about Colorbond roofing, is that it has five layers to protect your home:

  1. The steel base
  2. The metallic coating that incorporates Activate technology that enhances the corrosion resistance (available only on some Colorbond roofing options)
  3. A pre-treatment layer that helps the coatings stick
  4. A corrosion inhibitive primer is baked onto the surface
  5. A topcoat, made from exterior grade paint is baked on, providing resistance to chipping, flaking and blistering

If you’ve lived in Brisbane long enough, you’ll know just how much the temperature can affect the energy efficiency of your home. The colour of your Colorbond roof can help make a difference to your energy bills, and there are five colours in the Colorbond steel range that are solar reflective. All colours, except Night Sky, also incorporate Bluescope’s  Thermatech solar reflectance technology, which helps to reflect the heat on hot days, reducing how much you need to your your air conditioner.

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