When you think of smart roofing in Brisbane, you think of a roof material that can help you save energy, that can help protect your home, and one that is going to stand up to the changing weather we experience in Brisbane – the last thing you want is to be constantly worried about repairs you might need to make or maintenance you need to undertake.

So what is the smart roofing choice in a region like South East Queensland that can see hot weather and destructive storms? Colorbond.

Advantages of Colorbond

There are plenty of advantages to using Colorbond on your home for roof restoration. Manufactured by BlueScope Steel it is one of the most popular roofing choices in new homes and for those looking to update their roofing. Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages.

Durable and Maintenance Free

Colorbond requires little maintenance – the colour is bonded to the metal so it doesn’t need painting anywhere near as often, and it resists chipping, peeling and cracking. Colorbond is non-combustible, termite resistant, weather tight and secure which means it holds up well to the Queensland weather.

Thermal Insulative Qualities

This is just one of the reasons to choose the smart roofing option. Colorbond works year round to insulate your home. It has excellent thermal insulative qualities and if you choose a Colorbond product that contains the Thermatech technology, you can maximise the solar reflectance properties. The great thing about the thermal insulative qualities is that you may find your energy bills start to reduce.

Wicks Away Water

If you’ve lived with a tile roof you probably know that sound of a tile moving in high wind, cracking under the heat in summer or water dripping in a storm. Colourbond has been designed with ridges that take the water away from your home, leaving less chance of water leaking into your roof and damaging your ceiling.

Environmentally Sustainable

Did you know that Colorbond contains recycled content? The steel within Colorbond is also 100% recyclable! Because Colorbond is durable and stands up to the weather conditions within Australia, it lasts longer which means you can help conserve the energy and resources that would go into a material with a much shorter lifespan and is an affordable roof.

Thinking of replacing your asbestos roof with Colorbond? It’s the smart roofing choice in Brisbane.